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Gungun Tour Travels offers various theme packages like wildlife, history, pilgrimage, festivals, hill stations, honeymoon destinations, mountains and many more. We offer fixed and customized India travel packages covering all the regions of India for tourists of every interest. Travel to Uttarakhand for a holiday experience with golden memories of a variety of attractions starting from snow clad mountains to lakes, valleys, wildlife destinations, hill stations, pilgrimage sites, fairs and festivals and many more.

Uttarakhand is a Top tourist destination with incredible tourist attractions. Enjoy various custom made Tours highlighting fascinating aspects of this ethnically and culturally diverse state. To make your tours a pleasurable affair, Moon Tour and Travels has designed Customized Tour Packages and Itineraries for tourists.

Lake Tours : Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiyatal

Bhimtal Lake is named after the second Pandava brother Bhima in the Mahābhārata who was known for his prodigious strength. The lake, which is larger than Naini Lake, is approximately 22 km (14 mi) from Nainital at an altitude of 1,370 m (4,495 ft). There is an island in the lake with a popular restaurant on it. There is also a 17th century temple complex, the Bhimeshwar, alongside a 40 ft (12 m) high dam at one end of the lake.


Nainital attracts maximum number of visitors during summer like other hill resorts. Main Attraction of Nainital is Naini Lake. Stylish shops, hotels and residential buildings, Old Secretariat building is now the High Court of Uttarakhand, The New Club, The Boat House Club, Nainital Club, the Flats and Naina Temple are situated at one side of Naini Lake. Beautiful boats provide awesome boating experience.

Upper end of lake is known as Mallital, Lower end is known as Tallital, two connecting roads from Mallital to Tallital are known as Mall Road & Thandi Sarak. The north end of lake is called Mallital while the southern one is called Tallital which have a bridge (Danth popularly named) having Gandhiji's statue. There is Bus Station, Taxi stand and Railway reservation counter on the same lake bridge, both ends have well laid out shopping centres,with beautifully laid of marts, stores and luxury shops.

Jim Corbett National Park
At Jim Corbett National Park Visitors can stay outside the reserve in hotels/ private lodges and go on day visit or halt inside the reserve in forest rest houses. Apart from three tourist complex located at Dhikala, Gairal and Bijrani eighteen other forest rest houses located inside and around Jim Corbett National Park are open to tourists


Almora is charming hill station on a 6 kms long horse saddle shaped ridge mountain. It has natural views of the snowy peaks of Himalayas and is an excellent place for a peaceful exotic holiday. It is a town with rich cultural heritage and history and is considered the cultural heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The almora township with it's tiled roofed houses and paved streets would take you to the sixteenth century

According to a popular belief, this spot had won the heart of Rani Padmini, queen of Raja Sudhardev. She chose this scenic place to be her abode and since then, it has come to be known as Ranikhet, literally " Queen's Field". At an altitude of 1829 mtrs, Ranikhet is undoubtedly a tourists' paradise with a salubrious climate, cool breeze, panoramic Himalayan View and pollution free greenery of pines-oaks


Jageshwar is must see place for historians, nature lover, trekkers and those having religious mind sets. Jageshwar is a religious place consisting 124 temples all devoted to Lord Shiva(Shivji). You can go around Jageshwar and enjoy ancient architecture of temples like Dandeshwar temple which affords elegant samples of ancient iconography. Idol of dancing Shiva of an 18th century is fascinating. All temples presents beautiful example of architecture.

Bageshwar got its name form the ancient temple of Lord Shiva set in the heart of the town. According to mythological legends, sage Markandey lived here and the place was visited by Lord Shiva in the form of Bagh or tiger. The sacred shrine was built during the reign of the Chands and it is believed that no one could install the Shivlinga in the sanctum, finally, Shri Manorath Pandey of Palayn village performed penance and succeeded in installing the Shivlinga on Shivratri. Since then a massive fair is held here on 'Shivratri' to mark this auspicious occasion. Large number of pilgrims flock to the shrine, especially on Shivratri and on every Monday of the holy month of 'Sharvan'.

Muktehswar & Ramgarh
Muktehswar situated at an altitude of 7,500 ft above sea level and is famous for the wonderful 180-degree view of the captivating snow capped mountain ranges that it provides. The second highest mountain-peak of India, Nanda Devi, is also visible from Mukteshwar. The other ranges one can see from Mukteshwar are Neelkantha (Blue-throated Shiva), Trishul (Shivas Trident), Nanadaghunti (the Veil of the Goddess), and the Panchuli Group.

If one wants to enjoy real beauty of the place then it is must to trek through the untouched parts of the dense green forest. The site of rivulets, green meadows & water falls was really heart touching. The wide range of Himalya peak which can be viewed from here includes Neelkantha, Nandaghunti, Trishul, Nanda Devi. In addition Panchchuli peaks and peaks of Api and Nampa, in Nepal, are also visible. Approx 200 species of birds, 18 species of mammals apart from 15 different varieties of fruits and 75 varieties of flowers makes Mukteshwar tourist destination.

Kausani is a major attraction that offers wondrous vistas of the Kumaon Himalayas. You may enjoy the endless stretch of the snow-capped peaks of Himalayas that are spread majestically across the 300 km range covering the famous peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nandakot. The glory of the snow crowned Himalayan range reaches it's pinnacle when the sun rays turn them into crimson and gold.

While in Kausani you may move to the various vintage-points in order to capture the spectacular sights. The sunrise and the sunset are the special moments for the nature lovers. Kausani is a calm and idyllic resort, far from the maddening crowd. Just walk down the hills amidst dense forests.

Perched at an elevation of 2,412mts above sea level, Binsar is situated amidst Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Binsar is an ideal destination for writers, nature lovers and adventure lovers. The dense Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of 200 bird species, Barking Deer, Himalayan bear, leapord, fox, musk deer, langur, porcupine, flying squirrel, chital, jungle cat etc.

From Binsar one can see the 300 km panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath Peak, Shivling, Trisul and majestic Nanda Devi from a place called 'Zero Point'. The views of major peaks like Chaukhamba, Panchachuli, Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Kedarnath are distinctly visible from here. There are limited number of hotels in Binsar so do make prior bookings before visiting. If you are a die-hard nature lover then prepare yourself to add Binsar in your must see places. It is an ideal place for Bird watching and wildlife photography. An entry ticket of Rs. 40 per person and Rs. 50 for a car has to be paid at the entry point of Binsar.

Kedarnath is named after King Kedar who ruled in the Satya Yuga. He ruled the seven continents and was a very saintly king. He had a daughter named Vrinda who was a partial incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. She performed austerities for 60000 years. Because of her, the land is named Vrindavan.

During winter due to heavy snowfall, the Temple is closed and no one stays in Kedarnath. For six months (November to April) the Palki of Lord Kedarnath is transferred to a place near Guptakashi called Ukhimath. People shift their settlement too from Kedarnath to nearby villages. Around 360 families of Tirtha Purohit of 55 villages and other nearby villages are depend on Kedarnath. The entire region is blessed with immense natural beauty, places of religious importance, lakes and glaciers.


As per mythology Lord Vishnu did tapasya here and for several years meditated at the same spot and fed himself with wild berries. The pilgrims to the temple worship the Lord in his sringaric form during the summer and in the winter, he is worshipped in his yogdhyani form by the devtas & sages. Badrinath is devoted to Vishnu but according to one legend Lord Vishnu surped this place from Lord Shiva.

According to rituals the yatra to Kedarnath is taken before coming to Badrinath. For the devotee who has been unable to do so,the temple of Adi Kedareshwar nearby is to be visited first. It was also believed that Ghanta Karn, a devout bhakt of Shivji with huge bells over his ears so that he would not have to hear the name of any other god even Vishnu. After severe penance,when Shiva asked him to take anything he wanted, then he asked for salvation. As Shivji was well aware of Ghanta Karn’s partiality told him that only Vishnu could grant him salvation. Ghanta Karn then worship Vishnu and the Vishnu offered him a place at his temple in Badrinath as guardian deity of the region.


We also conduct ExclusiveTrips to CHARDHAM YATRA - Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamnotri

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